Our Staff

Mr Tan In Fong
M.S. (Human Resources Development)
B.S. (Computer Science)
He was formerly working as a Lecturer for 3 years (1995 to 1998) at a local private college, and he has since been appointed as the President of Axismatics since 2001.


FBDO Head of Program
Ms Fun Swee Peng
M.S. (Clinical Optometry)
B.S (Optometry)
She has been a lecturer at Axismatics since 2003, and was appointed as the Head of FBDO program in 2014.

Diploma in Business Studies
Head of Program
Ms Loi Liang Kin
She has more than 10 years of teaching and leadership experiences as a business course lecturer.

Senior Manager
Ms Tan Siaw Ve
She has been taking charge of student services and teaching resources since year 2000 at Axismatics