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Axismatics Professional Institute was established in October 1996 by a group of well-known academician, entrepreneurs and profession in Malaysia. Since its inception, Axismatics has been the only Institution in Malaysia offering the Fellow of British Dispensing Opticians (FBDO) Program. Under the Malaysian Optical Act 1991, Malaysians with FBDO qualification could register themselves with the Ministry of Health’s Malaysian Optical Council to practise as “Registered Optician” in Malaysia.

our team


Our mission is to offer professional programmes, which equip students with fundamental skills and knowledge to become entrepreneurs who possess positive spirit, essential substance and nature of entrepreneurship.


To equip professionals with adequate knowledge and experience to develop entrepreneurship.

Our Team

David Bernard Manager
David Bernard
Jessica Brunne Lecturer
Jessica Brunne
Jennifer Dunn Counselor
Jennifer Dunn
George Ibran Administration Staff
George Ibran
Administration Staff
John Smith Counselor
John Smith
Samantha Bryn Administration Staff
Samantha Bryn
Administration Staff
Alicia Stone Faculty Director
Alicia Stone
Faculty Director
Leznek Podolsky IT Staff
Leznek Podolsky
IT Staff